Will you Stand with Caroline Colarusso against Obama Supporter Bill Weld?

Yesterday, Barack Obama supporter and former Governor Bil Weld (?-MA/NY/Mexico) endorsed a Democrat in a winnable open seat in metro north.  

Caroline Colarusso, a solid conservative who once told me should would vote against the Democratic budget like Lyons and Lombardo, is running in the 31st Middlesex District to replace the ultra moonbat Jason Lewis, who is now a State Senator. She is a solid conservative.  

That’s why what Bill Weld did yesterday was so egregious, especially since everyone has been – to this point – playing well as a team.  

Democrat Michael Day, a candidate for state representative for the 31st Middlesex District, has been endorsed by former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld.

“I am pleased to endorse my good friend Michael Day for State Representative,” Weld said in a campaign news release. “I know Mike’s entire family, and they are quality all the way. He is the sort of person who will work effectively across party lines in the State House, which is a good way to get things done.”

Weld was governor from 1991 to 1997.

The 31st Middlesex District covers Stoneham and Winchester. Day is running against Republican Caroline Colarusso. Both are from Stoneham.

Weld, knows Day because they are both lobbyists.  Of course we could all sit here and kvetch about how awful Bill Weld is to have done this… Or….

We could all meet his endorsement by sending Caroline a few dollars.  I just donated $50.00 to Caroline’s campaign via her Piryx Account, which is also embedded after the jump.

This district is winnable.  Scott Brown won the district in 2010 by 11 points, and Charlie Baker won the district by 7 points.  It is an R+5 District.  Caroline needs your help to bring it home.  

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