Will disenchanted conservatives be the downfall of Charlie Baker?

If Baker loses, republicans will be wondering why and how.

They will be searching for answers and reasons.

And they may not have to look far…..

The Republican establishment may have aggravated one too many conservatives this election cycle, and it could cost them dearly. The state convention debacle got the ball rolling. If the establishment was so confident that Fisher was not a credible threat to Baker why didn’t they just qualify Fisher for the primary ballot instead of dragging it out and then ultimately certifying Fisher? During the election, Fisher was not shown much respect. It was a “given” that Baker was the nominee and Fisher was treated as an afterthought. He was treated and looked upon as if he was a nuisance or annoyance. It was as if Baker was a descendant of a royal family, entitled to be the nominee. It was blatantly obvious that this was agitating many conservatives, liberty activists/libertarians, and tea-partiers, and further alienating them from the establishment.

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