‘Vote for your life’

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You have heard the expression ‘Run for your life’?  Well now we need to hear someone say ‘Vote for your life’.  

Never has it been so obvious the destructive possibilities of picking government officials that are not qualified.  As we speak there are multiple deadly viruses and illnesses spreading across the country with little or no concern by public officials.  To hear this week that a man in Dallas Texas has not only contracted the deadly Ebola Virus, but was allowed to leave a hospital and socialize among children that may pass it on to a number of public schools is horrifying.  We were told, by a seemingly uninformed President that there is nothing to worry about.  ‘We got this’.  Even Mike Barnicle, perhaps the President’s strongest supporter has now come to question his skills at handling difficult situations.  The net result is that more Americans WILL die.  That is a fact.  

Furthermore, the same US President Barack Obama seemed so uninterested in the growth and development of ISIS/ISIL that he was incensed at being pulled off the golf course and labeled them JayVee.  Again, he tells us there is nothing to worry about.  ‘We got this’.  Now ISIS is making direct threats to the US homeland and laughing in our faces.  The net result is that more Americans WILL die.  That is a fact.

Our economy is in shambles, and no matter how hard the President twists the numbers the truth is that there are more Americans suffering with the Obama economy that can be imagined.  Healthcare is in a chaotic frenzy with millions uninsured who formerly had insurance.  As many as 5 million Americans have left the job market giving up on the American dream.  Seniors are forced out of retirement to get part time jobs in order to supplement their dwindling income.  College students who spent fortunes on education are lucky to find jobs at fast food restaurants.  it is insulting to them and sad for the American people.

Our foreign policy seems to be a patchwork of misguided attempts to save face.  We won’t go to war – yet we are in war.  We won’t commit boots on the ground, yet we have boots on the ground.  We hate Syria, yet we now support Syrian rebels.  What the hell is the world to think when we are lead by a man who formulates important policy only after 4 putting?  How can the world take us seriously?

Closer to home, we have a Governor Deval Patrick who terminates the employment of people who try and uphold the law against the Governor’s own family.  ‘Register my brother-in-law as a sex offender and lose a job’.  Or how about Deval’s inability to be concerned about children such that they are dying in the state’s custody?  Or that drug labs are infested with criminals?  Or that the roads he promised to repair are crumbling and the schools he promised to improve are failing, or the property taxes he promise to lower are increasing?  Failure after failure after failure.  

Politics is important, and in this country we are blessed to be able to sustain a Democratic process that should result in competent leaders and efficient systems.  Yet, we end up with lax attitudes, self-righteous indignant people who neither care for the general public or are sickened at the sight of us.  Sadly, we see it and do nothing about it.

The price to be paid for the voting record of Americans is dead Americans.  Americans will die because party politics came before leadership.  Race came before leadership.  Diversity came before leadership.  Americans have died at the hands of terrorists who are more than happy to behead us in the name of Jihad.  Americans will die because Obama couldn’t care less about Ebola because the issue conflicts with his view of Obamacare – how can a pandemic happen with Obamacare?  It doesn’t jive with him..  How can children die when they are in state custody?  It doesn’t jive with Deval Patrick either.  

The next time you vote, remember that your life may very well depend on it.  I honestly don;t care which party rules as long as we are not disregarded for political purposes.  I want government to take our lives seriously.  I want them to be as concerned about my welfare as with their own.

This past week was a perfect testimony to Barack Obama’s attitude problem.  A wall-jumping intruder made it past security and into the White House. Perhaps they need to reevaluate their security systems and perhaps implement more Verisure home security tactics to improve the White House safety. This could have been a serious threat had the President been home.  Suddenly it gets Obama’s attention.  ‘How dare he threaten the President’s safety’?  Well every day there are millions of Americans living in border towns who face the very same threat.  Border jumping thugs with weapons and the intent to hurt people, yet Obama cares not.  He can’t be bothered.  In fact, he uses the sad plight of these border crossers to sway political opinion in his favor.  You can bet that for the next several weeks the White House will be on high alert.  But there will not be a single person added to the payroll to help stop border crossers on the Mexico border.  The borders are porous not only to criminals and welfare cheats, but also to terrorists and disease.  Americans WILL die.

Time to ‘Vote for your life’.

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