Tonight: Baker-Coakley Gubernatorial Debate

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WGBH News and The Boston Globe will broadcast a debate between Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley.

Tuesday at 7pm on WGBH 2, 89.7 Boston Public Radio, and online

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Honest-To-God, could this be the least interesting debate that has ever happened in any political race ever?

    Marcia ‘drab’ Coakley and Charlie ‘drabber’ Baker trying to explain to the audience why their plan to get nothing accomplished is better than the other person’s plan to get nothing accomplished.  

    What I wouldn’t give to have one of them charge onto the stage and just go ballistic on the other one.  

    For example:

    Baker: “Good evening everyone, my name is Charlie Baker and I am running for Governor.  You want to vote for me because that bitch over there is lying piece of shit and she is not to be trusted.  Honestly voters, how long can you look at her before you just can’t take it anymore”..

    Or how about this:

    Coakley: “Good evening, my name is Martha Coakley.  Did you hear that…Martha f*ckin Coakley.  It ain’t Marcia for all you right wing A-holes.  My f*ckin name is Martha.  And I am here to collect a paycheck and that is all.  expect nothing more from me”

    A total meltdown would be awesome!  Maybe even a few punches thrown might be nice…  Or have one of them show up drunk?  Then it would be worth watching…

  • David Haak

    Tis a shame the independents won’t be taking part in this debate.

  • The Globe asked the independents the debate questions.