The Daily Beast: Preppers are Gearing up for Ebola

A must read article on a subject near and dear to my heart – prepping… I want to be a prepper, but my wife and kids joke and tease so I just have small amounts of food, emergency supplies and plans for dangerous times ahead.

What I think is interesting is the growth in ‘prepping’ since Obama took office.  Prepping is a direct response to people not feeling safe, which in turn is the problem Obama has as Commander-In-Chief.  Nobody feels safe with Obama in office.  

The article is here:

Jason Charles knows the exact moment he will lead his wife and five kids out of their Harlem home, pile into a car, and take off for the wilderness. It will be not long after Ebola reaches the population of New York City, hospitals overflow, and looting begins-when the first riots break out on the streets of Manhattan.

“Right now it isn’t bad, but if the first case happens in New York, you start hearing about hundreds or thousands of people getting sick and it shotguns through the city, then you want to start getting your plan together to leave,” says the 37-year-old fireman and dedicated prepper. When that happens, he says, “it’s a free fall, that’s the system breaking down.”

Coincidentally enough, the CDC today announced that NYC should get ready for Ebola.

Federal health officials are focusing their attention on New York as a key potential Ebola point of entry, with a new report warning: “Ongoing transmission of Ebolavirus in West Africa could result in an infected person arriving in NYC.”

The report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that New York is key entry point for those coming in from West Africa, but apparently so far Ebola free.

Reread my post here for a refresher on why New York is such a hotspot of Ebola possibilities.  

Preppers are not just in the USA – they are also in Britain.  Read here to learn more about them and to see a guy with a badass slingshot that almost matches the one I have.  

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