Republican Frank Cousins Endorses Maura Healey for AG

(First Weld, Now Cousins.

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Is this the new trend for Republicans in MA?


Democratic nominee for attorney general Maura Healey earned endorsements from several law enforcement leaders across Massachusetts.

Eight district attorneys, 10 sheriffs, and the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, working in communities from Boston and Middlesex County to the North Shore, the Berkshires and the Islands, came together in a demonstration of support for Healey.

The sheriffs are Michael J. Ashe, Hampden County; Michael Bellotti, Norfolk County; Thomas Bowler, Berkshire County; Frank G. Cousins Jr., Essex County; Christopher J. Donelan, Franklin County; Robert J. Garvey, Hampshire County; Peter J. Koutoujian, Middlesex County; Michael A. McCormack, Dukes County; James A. Perelman, Nantucket County; and Steven W. Tompkins, Suffolk County.

(h/t Tom Duggan (@ValleyPatriot) of The Valley Patriot)

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  • OnLooker

    republican state representative in the past, and, on the other part, Republican candidate for AG (Miller) seems to be of “some dude” type..

  • Trust me I’m no Maura Healey fan…… But since Mr. Miller has in affect committed fraud by the accepting the Republican endorsement and then stating he would unenroll if elected, because he believes the position should be non-partisan. He took money from Republican Donors, He’s accepted in kind contributions and resources from the MA-GOP.  All the time intending to use Republican resources to get elected only to leave the party should he succeed. If this isn’t fraud… what is???  

    Mr. Miller has proven he doesn’t have moral fiber or character to serve as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Massachusetts.