Remember my story about Marcia Coakley back in 2010?

Remember back a few years ago when I wrote a story about then senate candidate Marcia Coakley and her appearance at Northeastern University? It was one of my better stories.  I know that because it got carried by national political blogs and then by  It was a good post..

It was shortly after that Patches Kennedy gave Coakley the infamous nickname ‘Marcia’ and I have referred to her as that ever since…

What has changed about Marcia?  Has anything changed?  Her campaigns, now 4 years older does not show the signs of being 4 years better.  Most of the time political campaigns improve with age.  They become refined like a fine beaujolais.  Marcia’s has not.  It has soured and turned to vinegar.  

So here is the question.  If Democrat candidates can no longer call on Ebola Obama for support who is Marcia going to call?  She has to stand on her own two feet.  She can’t even call on Deval Patrick who is toxic of late… I think I may make an early prediction and call this race for Charlie Baker…  

You should too….

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