Remember Marcia Coakley in the good old days when…..

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her office used to prosecute day care operators and charge them with rape when some 2 year olds made claims that the day care workers had ‘magic wands’ and ‘secret rooms’ where they were forced to drink urine?  Now of course, there were obviously no magic wands – because magic wands do not exist.  And there were no secret rooms, because they didn’t exist either.  But it never stopped Marcia Coakley from keeping an entire family in jail for what was, in at least one case, the ‘rest of their lives’.  

I remember the good old days when two of the people, Cheryl and Violet were freed on successful appeal, only to have the state supreme court send them back to prison.  Violet later died in prison waiting for justice.

The landmark case now known as the ‘Fells Acre Day Care’ case become legendary not for a Prosecutor’s sharp skills and keen insights, but because the interrogators led the children toward false accusations, misleading testimony and the wrongful accusation of now seemingly innocent people.  It should be noted that Marcia Coakley did NOT prosecute the case, but she did personally prevent every effort to have them freed when it was realized the Amiraults were likely not guilty of anything other than local hysteria about day care centers..

Marcia lobbied to keep the innocent people in jail.  She lobbied to refuse them a retrial.  she lobbied to refuse them justice.  She lobbied to allow bogus testimony to be admitted in court.  She lobbied for everything except what is now known to be the truth – innocence.  

Marcia Coakley and Cheryl Amirault eventually reached an agreement by which Cheryl would be released from prison with ‘time served’, but promising never to make a nickel of profit from the case.  Marcia Coakley did not have to make such a promise and is now a candidate for the highest office in the state.  

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Now this whole mess is not to be confused with Marcia Coakley’s other dirty legal work about a trailer park murder in Ayer, Massachusetts.  The guy she convicted in that one was not guilty either, but alas it became the subject of a Hillary Swank movie named ‘Conviction’.

And remember the good old days when Marcia Coakley had a Democratic operative, thought to be Michael Meehan from Blue Line Strategic communications shove a reporter for the Weekly Standard to the ground?

What will state government be like under Marcia Coakley?  A woman blind to so many truths.  A woman so selfishly determined to make a name for herself that she puts innocent people in jail and distorts the testimony of children for her own advancement.  She uses people.  She manipulates people.  she sends people to jail forever to die, and doesn’t care when it is found out that she was wrong.  

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  • For reminding us of the darkest period of prosecution in the Commonwealth since Cotton Mather and the witchhunts, and reminding us of Martha’s central role in keeping the innocent people in jail. I wish we had a millionaire in this state who would cut an independent expenditure ad about this. It’s the reason why, if Martha were a right-ing R, I wouldn’t vote for her.  

  • Let’s not forget & it should be in papers that in 2005 a man raped a baby with curling iron in Melrose. I think he was a police officer or related to one. Coakley was busy courting Police Unions to support her in AG bid.

    The mother persisted & Leone put him away.

    I’ve told two on Baker campaign to look up details in Globe archives & get Howie Carr to write column about it.

    I read about it online in Globe before Brown/Coakley election.

    I keep television off but o know she’s claiming she’s for women & children, yet let man get away with raping baby with a curling iron.

  • Remember the guy who got in trouble for beating up an illegal alien pervert in the grocery store bathroom because he was trying to #$*@#%#$ the guys 5 year old son? The father got arrested for assault and the perv illegal alien skipped town.

    This woman belongs in stocks in the public square so everyone can sp1t on her.