More than one way to Quarantine Kaci Hickox

With the recent news that Ebola can, in fact, be spread by sneezing or transferred on a doorknob the idea that a nurse from Maine will refuse quarantine becomes even more disturbing.

The CDC now admits that a simple sneeze can spread the deadly Ebola virus.  We all knew that didn’t we?  Just watch an episode of Mythbusters and you will see what kind of germs can be spread by a sneeze in any direction. I mean, this is why it makes sense for people to stay away from one another, to stay at home when they can. And if they need to go out, then they should make sure to keep their distance from people and to be honest, it might even be helpful to wear something like this N95 Respirator when they go out as well.

So based on this new information gleaned from the big government hacks at the CDC we should be even more disturbed to find out that Kaci Hickox is planning to demonstrate civil disobedience by walking out of her house in Fort Kent, Maine and being among her friends and family and the good townsfolk of Fort Kent.

Hickox says:

I am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when I am not a risk to the American public,” Hickox, who has tested negative for the deadly virus, said Wednesday. “I will go to court to fight for my freedom.”

Maybe she has Ebola. Maybe she doesn’t.  I guess we can say Maine now has a new form of gambling…

Here is what Fort Kent and surrounding towns should do.  All the businesses should lock their doors when they see her coming.  Flip the ‘Open’ sign around so it shows ‘Closed’ and lock the door.  

Of course this will piss off Kaci Hickox, but so what.  She wants to go shopping and walking around town.  She will want to go into a local shoe store and try on a few pairs of pumps, getting sweat and germs all over them, then say ‘Gee, wrong size’ and put it back on the shelf.  God forbid she outright sneeze in a store.  

I am sure she will want to visit her local hairdresser and get a quick trim or wash.  After all, she just spent a long grueling time in the Ebola hot zone.  How about a manicure?  Have lunch at a local sandwich shop?  Go out and touch all the tchotchkes at the gift store?  Sure, just another day being Typhoid Mary.

And when she is done all the business can throw away the stuff she touched hoping that it does not contain ebola virus.  Or, they can lock the doors…  

Lock the doors, secure the borders, batten down the hatches – the Democrats are in charge…

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