Judge tosses Coakley effort to help fundraiser

(Funny how she hasn’t gone after sub-prime banker Deval Patrick – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Remember that lawsuit Martha Coakley brought against Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, which would have benefitted a key campaign fundraiser?  It got Coakley all sorts of headlines when she filed it in June, making her look tough on the big banks and dedicated to the little guy.  Of course, the campaign fundraiser was well-paid to help the little guy, $590,000 a year. Also, the little guy had to pay a price adjustment of 25% to help fund such expense, drawing criticism from housing advocates.      


Well, now it seems that the case was garbage, because a federal court judge threw it out today.  The judge is Clinton appointee (and Oxford roommate) Richard Stearns, not exactly a strict constructionist conservative.  The Globe has a brief story, with more to follow, I’m sure.    


It’s bad enough that the Attorney General failed to disclose her close connection to a prime beneficiary of the lawsuit.  It’s worse that she brought a meritless case to benefit a friend and fundraiser.  

Elections matter.  We can have more of these antics, amplified by the power of the corner office.  All we have to do is nothing.        

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