John Miller Promises to Abandon “Vehicle” on AG Win

In what may be a surprise to some, the Republican candidate for Attorney General has promised to become truly independent and truly non-partisan by ceasing to be Republican if he bests Maura Healey.…

John Miller, the Republican candidate for Massachusetts attorney general, said Wednesday that he will drop his party affiliation and become unenrolled if he is elected.

“It backs the promise I’ve been making that U, D and R ends on Election Day,” Miller said in an interview with The Republican/, referring to the first letters of unenrolled, Democrat and Republican. “All 6 million of us (in Massachusetts) expect impartial interpretation and enforcement of the law.”

Why didn’t Miller run as a non-partisan Independent as numerous candidates for other offices have done?

Asked why Miller did not run as an unenrolled candidate, Miller’s spokesman Rick Gorka said the two parties traditionally have been “the vehicle for running for office and winning.”

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