It is time for the MassGOP to Divorce Bill Weld

Yesterday’s endorsement of Dick Moore over Ryan Fattman by Bill Weld is the last straw. It is well beyond time for Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Kirsten Hughes to pick up the phone and call Bill Weld. The conversation should go something like this, “it’s not me, it really is you and well we just can’t get along so by.”  For our party to move forward we must sever ties with our destructive past, and that past is William F. Weld.

You remember Weld, the guy who couldn’t be bothered with party building, unless it involved poker games where his guests got picked up on the way home, right?  Or Weld, the guy who Jim Rapport – then party chair – says missed multiple meetings with Democratic legislators who wanted to switch party registration, that Bill Weld.

Then of course there is always the Bill Weld who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 over, the not exactly conservative, John McCain.

Of course, to reward this party disloyalty, we took precious time out of this year’s convention to honor this man.  Time that if cut might have resulted in less people leaving before they could cast their ballot for Charlie Baker.

Yes, I know, I am king of the RINOs because I support Charlie Baker for governor, so what right do I have complaining… The reason I support Charlie is because he isn’t Bill Weld, at least when it comes to party politics.  Charlie has put his money where his mouth is when it comes to helping legislative candidates this cycle.  Because of it, we look to make great gains.

Gains put at risk by Big Red. So far, Weld has endorsed the Democrat over Caroline Colarusso, and Ryan Fattman.  How many more of our hardworking candidates are going to get the Weld kiss of death?

Today, Kirsten Hughes should immediately state that she is rescinding the award that was givent o Weld at the Convention, Baker should remove Weld from all future ads, and the party shoudl stop selling Weld/Cellucci throwback bumper stickers.  Every bumper sticker sold is a slap in the face of Ryan Fattman, and Caroline Colarusso.  

Massachusetts Republicans should publicly and without delay divorce themselves from Bill Weld, only then can we move forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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