It is time for the MassGOP to Divorce Bill Weld

Yesterday’s endorsement of Dick Moore over Ryan Fattman by Bill Weld is the last straw. It is well beyond time for Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Kirsten Hughes to pick up the phone and call Bill Weld. The conversation should go something like this, “it’s not me, it really is you and well we just can’t get along so by.”  For our party to move forward we must sever ties with our destructive past, and that past is William F. Weld.

You remember Weld, the guy who couldn’t be bothered with party building, unless it involved poker games where his guests got picked up on the way home, right?  Or Weld, the guy who Jim Rapport – then party chair – says missed multiple meetings with Democratic legislators who wanted to switch party registration, that Bill Weld.

Then of course there is always the Bill Weld who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 over, the not exactly conservative, John McCain.

Of course, to reward this party disloyalty, we took precious time out of this year’s convention to honor this man.  Time that if cut might have resulted in less people leaving before they could cast their ballot for Charlie Baker.

Yes, I know, I am king of the RINOs because I support Charlie Baker for governor, so what right do I have complaining… The reason I support Charlie is because he isn’t Bill Weld, at least when it comes to party politics.  Charlie has put his money where his mouth is when it comes to helping legislative candidates this cycle.  Because of it, we look to make great gains.

Gains put at risk by Big Red. So far, Weld has endorsed the Democrat over Caroline Colarusso, and Ryan Fattman.  How many more of our hardworking candidates are going to get the Weld kiss of death?

Today, Kirsten Hughes should immediately state that she is rescinding the award that was givent o Weld at the Convention, Baker should remove Weld from all future ads, and the party shoudl stop selling Weld/Cellucci throwback bumper stickers.  Every bumper sticker sold is a slap in the face of Ryan Fattman, and Caroline Colarusso.  

Massachusetts Republicans should publicly and without delay divorce themselves from Bill Weld, only then can we move forward to a brighter tomorrow.

About Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

  • Rob… look at your first line…. Weld endorsed Dick Moore buddy not Ryan Fattman LOL

  • MassGOP get some intestinal fortitude.  I did not become a Republican to be cut off at the knees by this guy.  

  • Don’t expect Kirsten to show any leadership here.

    She’s to busy doing radio ads for some printing company the MA-GOP uses !!!  Just heard it today on the drive home.

  • MikeJBenn

    The only time I’ve ever voted for a Democrat over a Republican was in 1990.  Even with Marjorie Claprood on the ticket, Silber was a better choice than Bill Weld…

  • From the OCPF report for this year from January to July 2014. The last four are telling and most recent.  More to them than to thee.

    Kayryn Polito $500.00

    Charlie Baker $500.00

    Michael Sullivan $400.00

    Robert DeLeo $1,000.00

    Steve Grossman $250.00

    Brain Dempsey $300.00

    Michael Day $250.00

  • Publius Menpaean

    Because he persistently chooses to stab you there.

  • Personally, I think Weld knows exactly what he is doing. Big Red has ALWAYS hated the Republican Party, that is at least since Grandad’s people stopped running it, although in the past he has found the party personally useful. He knows that the State apparatus and the Baker campaign will not breath a word of criticism until after election day and then he could give a rat’s ass. He gets to undermine three GOP campaigns: two up and coming candidates and Charlie Baker because Baker’s silence will dishearten the base that is distrustful of Charlie.

  • OnLooker

    What’s so unusual with Weld’s support for some Democrats? A lot of Southern Democrats supported numerous Republican candidates for numerous offices since Roosevelt times (first – for President, then – for myriad other offices). Were they driven from the party? Mostly – no. Even after Thurmond, Williams, and Watson openly supported Goldwater – they were stripped of their seniority – and that was ALL. Williams was later elected a Governor of Mississippi as conservative Democrat. Thurmond and Watson switched to Republican party voluntarily. Phil Gramm “betrayed” his party in 1980s, going after Democratic policy meetings to Republican caucus and informing them about Democratic plans. He also was purged from Budget commitee, but that was ALL. Zell Miller was sitting Democratic Senator when making one of keynote speeches for Bush in 2004 at party convention. And republicans had their own mavericks too: remember Maine congressman Stanley Tupper, who, in 1964, refused to support Goldwater and supported Johnson instead? Weld is, surely, maverick, with some fiscal conservative, but strongly liberal social views. So what??? If you say, that such persons can’t be a party members, well – it’s your right, but in such case you yourself sign a death sentence to your party…

  • Weld is like the friend who sometimes is fun, but then blows off your birthday party because he got a better offer.

    He made Billy Bulger the president of UMass, which results in the largest state pension in history. When candidates were running against Democrats in 1996, he gave the legislature a B+ grade. In the same year, he described himself as more of an urban Democrat.

    I finally had enough of the cycle of abuse and unfriended Weld in 2008, when the choice for president was between a genuine American hero and a community organizer. Weld chose Obama, and what a disaster that has been.        

  • Take Charlie at his word. He wants compromise and bipartisanship. The fact he sprinkled some of money around doesn’t make him your friend. When it comes down to it he would prefer a Democrat he can work with to a conservative “obstructionist.”

    Colaruss wasn’t the first in this series. That would be Mark Fisher. Fattman won’t be the last. This is the new normal. If you are a conservative, you now have a target on your back from the media, the Democrats, and Charlie Baker’s Republican Party.

  • …here you guys are, 10 days out from an election for Governor where the polls are saying you have a great chance to win the Governorship.  And what is on Rob’s agenda and supported by many here?  

    Retribution.  Getting even.

    Instead of a rallying cry to circle the wagons and work for a victory on Nov. 4th, Rob calls for pre-election circular firing squad to purge those he judges to be disloyal.

    I appreciate all that you are doing Rob to advance the Democratic cause.  

  • MerrimackMan

    He is his own man, and he’s using his right to free speech. Good for him, but these are not MassGOP endorsements, and frankly, Hughes giving any more time to them, would probably help Moore and Day than anything else. Let’s just move on.

    I vehemently disagree with Weld’s endorsements of Barack Obama, Bob DeLeo, Michael Day and Dick Moore. Kind of like how I disagreed with Rob’s endorsement of Jim Miceli (who like Moore has a MassFiscal score of 36%). Let’s all work to support the party.

    But instead of giving more attention to those endorsements, being made not over ideology, but 20 year old friendships, let’s get out there and call the folks in South County, Winchester and Stoneham and get them on board for the good guys. That’s what I was doing Friday night and all day Saturday.  

  • Bill Weld is not a party man

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    What would be better is getting a restraining order to keep him at least 100 yards outside of Massachusetts politics…

    The guy used the Massachusetts GOP as a stepping stone to a national spotlight.  Once he got there he starting selling books, appearing on news shows and forgot all about us.  This happens in life and we can’t be bitter about it.  We just have to resign ourselves not to fall for the same kind of person again.

    Let’s not be bitter about this…

    Now if someone could give me his address I have a brick that needs delivering to his living room window….

  • Joshua Norman

    “Yes, I know, I am king of the RINOs because I support Charlie Baker for governor, so what right do I have complaining…The reason I support Charlie is because he isn’t Bill Weld, at least when it comes to party politics.  Charlie has put his money where his mouth is when it comes to helping legislative candidates this cycle.  Because of it, we look to make great gains.”

    So, how did this little plan work out again?

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