Hot Congressional Race in Massachusetts, and Not the One You Think.

(Bumped.  WGBH/Emerson Poll has Chapman up by 5%.  Reports say NRCC is polling district. Could they be about to shift resources? – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

While all the focus and attention of many Republicans to win  a congressional seat in Massachusetts for the first time since 1994 have focused North on the Tisei-Tierney…uh, sorry…Moulton race in the 6th Congressional District, perhaps it’s time more GOP eyes turned South for our best hope.  As the Boston Globe Reports something’s brewing in the 9th Congressional District:

For months, political handicappers have been following one Congressional race in Massachusetts as the marquee contest, the North Shore campaign that has already toppled the incumbent and now pits Republican Richard Tisei against Democrat Seth Moulton.

Increasingly, however, strategists in both parties are focusing attention on a previously quiet race in the 9th District of southeastern Massachusetts, where little-known Republican attorney John Chapman is waging a tightening fight against two-term incumbent Democrat William Keating.

Keating visited Democratic lobbying firms in Boston last week “letting people know that he needs help,” his campaign co-chair said, and some Republican strategists have quietly urged the party to shift resources from Tisei and toward Chapman.

“I think people are starting to have a greater understanding of the dynamics at play in the 9th, and they’re more beneficial than those in the [Tisei-Moulton race], and for that reason they’re urging people to take another look at the 9th,” said David Tamasi, a Washington-based GOP lobbyist and fundraiser with Cape Cod ties.

In 2013, when Gabe Gomez was losing statewide by 10%, he won the 9th Congressional by 7% (perhaps if he hadn’t self-immolated after, he could have run for the seat himself!).  In 2012, when Scott Brown was losing state-wide by 8%, he won the 9th by 1%.  So the voters, and more importantly, the votes, are there for a Chapman victory.

Has Moulton’s Primary victory taken the wind out of Tisei’s sail, or is he just riding a temporary headwind?  Should the NRCC and RNC Look South to the 9th Congressional district, were, in it’s prior configuration, they invested heavily in 2010?  Or should they be bold and Invest in Both?

The wheels are coming off the Democrat wagon across the country, even here in Massachusetts

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