Hilary at Martha Rally: You Still Didn’t Build That

At yesterday’s Martha Coakley Rally in boston, Hillary Clinton channeled her inner Elizabeth Warren.  Clinton told the crowd, “don’t let anybody tell you “corporations and businesses create jobs.”  Here listen for yourself.

These people have gone from being “liberals” to communistss.  It is that simple.  

The choice on November 4th is very clear.  

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  • BrocktonDave

    …sign the law that made it easier to outsource jobs overseas?

  • nomad943

    I can’t listen. I tried but after 20 seconds or so I couldn’t stand any more. Make it stop please.

  • I have degrees in physics, with honors. Yes, I did build that, no one helped me. I could work anywhere, its only family and friends that keep in Taxachusetts. I hate paying taxes into this socialist nightmare we call a state.  

  • She’s taken more money from “outsourcers” and “big corporation” types than she can even remember.

  • Roggerlee

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