Global Warming Update: Global Warming caused ISIS….

Finally the liberal left wing has gone so far off course that some of them are now claiming that global warming caused ISIS, the militant Islamic group dedicated to world domination through beheadings.

The story appeared on Huffington Post and makes the argument that the drought in Syria for 4 years created a disgust with the lack of concern by Bashar Al-Assad government thus causing an uprising, which results in beheadings…

The drought caused climate refugees who fled to other parts of the nation leaving a void for ISIS to fill…

Drought did not singlehandedly spawn the Syrian uprising, but it stoked simmering anger at Assad’s dictatorship. This frustration further destabilized Syria and carved out a space in which ISIS would thrive.

The article reads like some kind of science fiction story written by a third grader, yet the author is a Professor of history and the co author a research assistant of criminal justice at John Jay College.  Perfect, just the kind of meteorological experts we need – history buffs and criminal justice fanatics.  

Of course the big hook comes at the end when the authors suggest that our failure to spend on global warming causes will ‘unwittingly’ result in more terrorist groups..

Toting a metal water bottle is good, but it’s time for ordinary people to consider the bigger picture. When we fail to get the facts right about greenhouse gas emissions, we may unwittingly enable ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and other extremist groups to flourish. As we consider our personal positions on climate change, it is important to understand all that is at stake in our interconnected world.

This is really wrong of them to do.  Trying to draw a line establishing a cause and effect relationship between terrorism and having our thermostats set at 66 instead of 62 is wrong.  It is a sin.  It is a dangerous anti social psychosis…

Most of all – it is a sure sign that the global warming nuts are finally showing that they have abandoned all logic in hopes of their cause…  Please, can we start arresting these people and start throwing them in jail…please!!!!

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