Fattman Gives New Meaning to “Lick Me”

Wow.  Just wow.  

Now I know that Rob Eno is a big Ryan Fattman supporter.  And I know that Rob has a ton of experience in the direct mail business, so I have to ask, did Rob have anything to do with this?

Please someone tell me I’ve been punked.  That this is a reprint of a Onion story and an example of photoshop in action.  

But if it’s real…Ryan is viewed by conservatives as an example of the next generation of GOP leadership in MA…it demonstrates how shallow your bench really is.

Anybody got some insight to this?

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  • Bernstein said, “I like when politicians let us see their personal sides, but there are still lines of decency to consider.”

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    ‘The Democrats are gonna get their asses kicked next Tuesday’.  

    How do you like them apples?

  • pathetic.

    When THIS nonsense is all you known dishonorable liars have…..it’s telling.

    Keep this in mind the next time someone you support is marching in the Pride parade with a bed rolling behind them with 2 lesbians going at it.

    “There are lines of decency!!”

  • He loves his wife, he has a silly side, big whoopie de do!  

    At least he’s not sexing with random woman, or diddling with an intern in the oval office.

    Get over yourself!

  • Karl Marx

    hear any comments about Coakley getting to close to ex-President Bill Clinton. Fattman’s photo was endearing and consensual. Meanwhile David Bernstein just reshuffles the order of Democratic talking points handed to him.  

  • dishonorable lying loser is why some people don’t go into politics.

    “We see a photo of you at the age of 13 with your arm around a girl….was it consensual?  How old was she?  HOW LONG DID YOU PHYSICALLY ASSAULT HER?”

    “We see a photo of you and your wife from a photo booth, doing goofy things.  HAVE YOU NO DECENCY??”

    Dishonorable lying losers…nothing more…face it….YOUR CANDIDATE SUCKS.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    But its not a big deal it humanizes Ryan.

    file under

    Haters gotta hate.

    When you have nothing of substance to attack an elected official who won by over 70% in his last election, you go to LickGate.

  • R4 After Dark

    File under “another one of Simple’s classic Foot N Mouth threads”