Deadbeat Dad Democrat; State Senate candidate Dylan Hayre gives 15K to campaign, fails to pay chil

For the second time in two years, Dylan Hayre, State Senate Candidate for the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District, has had a lien placed on him for failure to pay child support for his young child.

Most recently, a Department of Revenue, Child Support Division lien was placed on September 2, 2014, for failure to pay $1,634.  Just two weeks earlier, according to campaign finance records, Hayre had loaned his campaign $5,000, for a total of $15,000 he has given his campaign this year.

This is not the first time Mr. Hayre has had a child support lien.  In 2012, the Department of Revenue filed for $4,035.13.  It was not released until October 28, 2013, roughly four months after Hayre launched his candidacy for State Senate.

Hayre has a spotty record of paying child support since his initial court order of $200 per week in 2011.  Citing a job loss, his payments dropped to just $20 per week in 2012.  Had he then filed for unemployment, the weekly payments for his child would have risen by 380 percent.  But Hayre failed to file for several months, and only did so after a judge’s order forced him. The delay cost his child’s mother more than $600 in support.

“Mr. Hayre parades around leading people to believe that he is a great advocate for families, but the facts speak for themselves,” said Rob Cunningham, Executive Director of the MassGOP.  “Hey listen, people can relate to being financially stretched and not paying bills on time; but it is the height of selfishness to give your campaign $15,000 while neglecting your child.”

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Honestly, what kind of person does not have the self respect to pay for his own child’s support?  

    I would do anything to be sure my kids got what they needed.  

    This guy is not a real man – he is one of those whiny liberal sissies that expects me, you and every other hardworking person to pick up the tab for his kid…  

    And to parade around as though he is some kind of do-gooder…  Despicable…

  • EJD

    Please tweet @DylanHayre and area news outlets asking for an update on this story. Voters should know what the story is on this when Dylan Hayre is seeking higher office. They deserve that at the very least.