David D’Arcangelo, the only real choice for Secretary of State

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The Secretary of State is an important constitutional office. Among his many responsibilities, the Secretary of State is an advocate for the citizenry by providing open access to volumes of information critical to effective state government.  The office is also responsible for making sure that every vote counts and it is the often the first place firms go when they want to set up a business in the Commonwealth.

Twenty years after he was first elected the current Secretary of State, Bill Galvin oversees an office remarkably similar to the one he inherited in 1994.  As a result, our Commonwealth today is left with an office that is outdated, behind the times with technology and modern practices, and a complete failure in meeting the expectations of a citizenry seeking to be informed efficiently and honestly.  

In other words the incumbent lives in the world of Yellow Pages when citizens demand Google speed efficiency and in learning how to navigate public documents and they want it on their smartphones. There has been little significant improvement in the office. In fact Massachusetts has one of the worst open access records in the nation.

Moreover, the incumbent has been cited by the U.S. Department of Justice for non-compliance in the reporting of military ballots. Secretary Galvin has also used the office for self-promotion.

Dave D’Arcangelo has positive plans to modernize the Secretary of State’s office and expand its role in bringing transparency to state and local government.  We can increase voter participation through new technologies such as electronic voting and registration and we can increase the accountability of government by applying the law to make records and public documents more easily accessible to the public and the press.  

David brings a great record of public service to the table. As a current Malden city councilor at-large, David has demonstrated the ability to bring together a diverse group of citizens. He has stressed the importance of smart business regulations and competitive tax systems. David also has worked at the State House for previous gubernatorial administrations as well as a legislative aide. He also runs a small public relations firm and has been active in the Malden Rotary. That experience will serve him well in the Secretary of State’s office.

As a person who faces challenges as a legally blind individual, David brings a unique perspective to public service. People with disabilities contribute to the well-being of our state on a daily basis, and I hope that someone who is legally blind running for statewide office will give more attention to the contributions that people with disabilities make.

Any review of his credentials will prove that D’Arcangelo is the best candidate for Secretary of State. You can learn more at his website www.Davein2014.com.  I urge my fellow citizens to vote for David D’Arcangelo, the best choice for Secretary of State. He’ll bring the office into the 21st century.  


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