Bill Weld, the RINO King (Endorses Richard T. Moore)

(Bill Weld is the enemy of the Republican Party. Not it’s friend. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Overall, the debate Candidates Forum in Milford was a great debate on Thursday night. There was a big crowd, and Citizens for Milford did a great job moderating the debate.

After the State Rep debate wrapped up (shout-out to Mark Reil for holding his own against Fernandez), Ryan Fattman hit the ground running. He called out Dick Moore for being part of the beacon hill establishment, and highlighted the major differences between the two.

Dick Moore started his debate touting all the pork he had brought home to his district (ignoring the fact he has cut local aid), and then read a letter from Bill Weld endorsing him, as a conservative democrat.

Is Bill Weld the man we want representing our party? And I’d say Dick is only a conservative by the standards of Karl Marx.

Moore has a whopping 40% rating from Mass Fiscal, compared to Fattmans 97% rating.

Moore has taken $40 a day to drive to work, while whole-heartedl supporting the gas tax automatically raising on the average man. Fattman does no take the legislators per-diem, and opposes the gas tax increase.

Moore has voted against requiring a social security number to get on benefits two times and having a photo ID on EBT cards. Fattman has been a huge proponent of both.

Moore supports Martha Coakley, refuses to admit that obamacare has done more harm than good to our state, and hast lost touch with his people.

My question is, why is Bill Weld endorsing a “conservative” democrat in another competitive race?

The moderates and establishment continue to call for unity, and then this? Bill Weld may have been a republican governor, but all I see is a democrat in disguise.

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