Why Fisher Lost- Not Conservative Enough

As no one has weighed in with any analysis on why Mark Fisher lost, I thought I would take a swing at it. Using what I would call “common RMG analysis” I have come to a surprising conclusion. Mark Fisher lost the election because he was not conservative enough.  Let me explain.

Fisher was not pro-life enough. What he and many others don’t understand is that opposition to abortion, euthanasia, etc. is not pro-life, but anti-death. Pro-life actually means encouraging births. Therefore, if Fisher had been more pro-life, actually encouraging people to have children it would have been a sure vote getter. Who doesn’t like babies? Who doesn’t like making babies?

Secondly Fisher was not pro-2nd Amendment enough. He was super pro- 2nd Amendment you say? We’re all pro-guns, all the candidates are GOAL (I know, it’s now a lefty group) A+ rated (even a lot of Dems are), blah blah blah.  In my own campaign I was surprised to learn that at standouts my own sign holders were often armed (it was Lawrence, so you can understand). We are all down with guns. Fisher’s problem is not his support of the firearms part of the amendment, he should have been promoting the militia part. That’s what people really want, more militias to protect our freedoms, ensure plenty of drinking buddies, and the like.

Lastly he wasn’t serious enough about illegal immigration. “Turning off benefits to solve the problem.” (from his Web site). Not firm enough in my opinion. More liberal catch and release. Everyone knows to actually get rid of the illegals already here, what we need is house to house and business to business search and round up operations.  Pull them out and send them to camps where they can be warehoused and really made to feel not wanted by mistreating them and starving them. Maybe give them a tattoo so if they escape we can identify them again. Once they’re all rounded up we put them on trains to Mexico and/or Central American and dump them. I know this plan has been tried somewhere before- but I forgot where. I’m checking into that.

So you see that Fisher really was not much different from many politicians out there now.  If he has taken some strong positions that might have shaken things up he would have had my vote, instead I voted for Baker because I thought it would be nice to actually see someone from my party win for a change. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea (particularly here on RMG) but as the Sox are in last place, Brady’s looking old, Celtics are hopeless and who knows about the Bruins, it would be great to see him giving a victory speech on November 4th.

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