What happens when only one Republican shows up to a Republican debate?

The answer is given to us by NECN’s final primary debate between Mark Fisher and Charlie Baker.  


The debate is short and doesn’t cover many issues, but certain things become abundantly clear in just that short time. Disagree with Mark Fisher all you want, at least he’s able to take a take a stand. Charlie Baker takes both sides of every issue.

In case you were wondering what Charlie Baker would do if presented with the gun control bill recently signed into law by Deval Patrick, Charlie assures us all that he would also sign the bill. Deval’s twin indeed.

It’s very true what the Cape Code Times said in their recent primary endorsement.

There is no perceptible difference between Attorney General Martha Coakley and State Treasurer Steve Grossman on the issues. For that matter, there is no real difference between them and Charlie Baker.

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