Tisei: ‘I have a lot of strengths in my experience’

Richard Tisei will do well in this, his second, campaign to represent the Sixth District in Congress. It won’t be easy but it will be hard-fought and the former state senator is up to the task. Put aside most of the hand-wringing assessments about how the dynamics will overwhelm the GOP nominee. Tisei knows the district far better than Moulton. And Tisei is well-financed. It’s an open question whether the Democratic nominee Seth Moulton can match those two assets.

Given the nature of Massachusetts politics and the dominance of big cities and towns in the district (Lynn, Peabody, Danvers, Beverly) Tierney would have been as strong a candidate given that the “Tierney effect” (i.e. surviving brushes with the law repeatedly combined with a name-calling content- free campaign) would have emboldened the Democratic grassroots.

Not to take away from his victory but Moulton, who once considered running as an independent, is going to get an education in Massachusetts politics.

Tisei: 'I have a lot of strengths in my experience' – Salem News: Local News.

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