The Crucial Question Republican Activists Must Ask Themselves

With the 2014 Massachusetts Republican Primary just days away, I hope GOP activists ask themselves one crucial if not existential question before they cast their vote. The question they all should seriously ponder is this: will the candidate they support maintain the status quo for Beacon Hill’s minority party or will said candidate join other like-minded Republicans in electing new leadership representing a new GOP when the time comes for its members to do so?

If activists are happy with the faux opposition party on Beacon Hill led by Brad Jones then – by all means – said activists should proudly vote for those GOP candidates who get a thrill up their leg at the thought of being a dependable rubber stamp. And if Jones prevails thanks to said candidates, said activists shouldn’t bitch & moan over the gradual yet continuing diminishment of the Massachusetts Republican Party as a serious political party in the eyes of the voters.

If activists are unhappy with Jones’ obsequious relationship with Democrat House Speakers (no matter who holds the title), his indifference towards the Republican rank-&-file, & his lack of interest (if not imagination) in building an effective opposition party with an eye towards one day making the GOP the majority party, then said activists & their respective networks of family, friends, & colleagues should identify & vote for those who share their vision of a post-Jones Republican Party. It’s going to take time & a lot of effort to make that dream a reality. But the time to effectuate that change starts on September 9, 2014. Think strategically. Be the change you seek. Vote for change this Tuesday.

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