Republicans Must Make The 2014 Midterm Elections “A National Referendum” On Obama’s Amnesty Plans

An article posted on should be utilized as an important memo for all GOP candidates running this year for either the US Senate or the House of Representatives: make the 2014 midterm elections a national referendum on President Barack Obama‘s post-election scheme to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

James P. Pinkerton, a veteran of the Reagan White House and now a Fox News contributor, argues that Republicans need a 1980 or 2004-type “wave” election highlighting a “wave” issue to win the Senate. He asserts that it’s not too late to nationalize the campaign, recalling Newt Gingrich‘s Contract with America, unveiled September 27, just six weeks before the historic 1994 midterm election.

Twenty years later, the issues are different but the strategy remains the same. When a wave comes, candidates must ride it – and most Republican challengers would probably sweep into office on an immigration-control tsunami washing away the Democrats. In fact, we’re halfway there, as tough anti-amnesty spots are being aired in support of GOP Senate candidates in Kentucky, New Hampshire, Michigan, Arkansas, and Louisiana, among the competitive states surveyed by Politico.

Those ads need to be broadcast nationally and especially in battlegrounds, hammering Obama and the Democrats on the risks that porous borders pose to national security and middle-class jobs. If Republicans do that, they’ll retire more than enough Democratic senators to retake the Senate – and lead a transformation of American politics that Karl Rove never saw coming.

Scott Brown has found the tactic to be effective enough to make his US Senate race in New Hampshire against Democrat incumbent Jeanne Shaheen VERY competitive. Hopefully MA Republican US Senate candidate Brian Herr will effectively use the same kind of strategy against Democrat incumbent Ed Markey. Ride the wave, boys. Ride it!

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  • Except the GOPe is as eager as the democrats to import a new electorate. If the GOPe does take the senate, that will be Obama’s excuse to invite the third world in officially, instead of under a news blackout.

    And you know what the GOPe will do?  They will let out a sigh of relief that they’re off the hook and got what they wanted anyway.  

  • R4 After Dark

    Going with illegal immigration would be obvious … the Dems expect it.  They go to their playbook, tug on heart strings, and the debate is no longer about “illegal immigration” but “immigration” making us look like assholes.

    I think we should tie every Dem to the Obama Spy Ring

    “America! Obama knows every pornographic term you ever threw into a search engine … all those late nights, all those nasty thoughts you never shared with your wife … all that horrible shit.  It’s all stored.  And these shit heads let it happen”  

    American journalists are having their heads cut off every other week, while our JV President creates a stockpile of hard drives filled with google searches.  

    I think EVERYONE could get behind that.  Black or white, left or right etc.