Q&A With the 9th Congressional District Republican Candidates Day 2

Yesterday we began a three part series of questions conservatives are interested in asked of the Massachusetts Ninth Congressional District Republican candidates.  The first set of five questions can be found here.  

Here are the next five questions answered by Mark Alliegro, Vincent Cogliano, and Dan Shores.  John Chapman chose not to participate.

Q6. Would you vote to limit the “Food Stamp”, SNAP Program?

Alliegro: Yes, with conditions.

Chapman: Did not respond.

Cogliano: I would find ways to make the Food Stamp program more effective and eliminate fraud and abuse-but simply cutting it across the board is not the right move at this time.

There are millions of people in America who want to work but they cannot find a job. The policies of this government are largely responsible for the terrible state of our economy and until that problem is addressed I would not approve of across the board cuts.

Welfare cuts are most effective when the economy is good and until this government starts to enact policies that will help put people back to work I would not support anything but targeted changes that will reduce fraud and abuse.

Shores: Yes.   Reports indicate that the number of Americans who have utilized food stamps has increased over 50% in the past 5 years, to 1 out of every 5 households.  In addition to fighting for policies that put Americans back to work, I will push to uncover and minimize waste, fraud and abuse in the SNAP program that doubtless exist based on the above-referenced numbers.

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Q7.  What is your position on bailing out private industry?

Alliegro: Depends upon the circumstances; but my default position is to avoid.

Chapman: Did not respond.

Cogliano: We should be doing everything we can to protect smaller community banks and we should be encouraging the start and growth of new banks. Consumers will benefit and our economy will be stronger.

As for government helping corporations such as General Motors I would not do it. If during the normal process of bankruptcy for non performing companies it is determined that a successful reorganization can be achieved through some government loan guarantees I would consider that action appropriate in some cases.

Shores: I am against it.  I believe we need to let the free market govern.  We also need to allow small businesses-the driver of our economy-to succeed in this country, not suffer.  Right now, we have too big to fail and too small to succeed.  That is backwards and wrong.  

Q8.  What is your position on illegal immigration?

Alliegro: Enforce existing laws.

Chapman: Did not respond.

Cogliano: We need to secure our border by adding fences-using technology-and putting additional border agents on the ground. Once the border is secure we can have a meaningful debate on our immigration policies.  Until the border is secure there can be no reform.

Shores: We are a nation of laws, and our laws must be followed and enforced. Immigration is no exception. Right now, our president does not enforce our immigration laws, is intentionally ignoring them, and is attempting to implement amnesty through use of executive orders, bypassing Congress in the process. This is a failure of his Constitutional duty, and encourages more illegal immigration, jeopardizing our economy, safety and national security.  Given that our president does not enforce our immigration laws, it does not make sense to pass comprehensive legislation at this time, and we need to instead take a common sense step-by-step approach to the immigration issue.  The first and immediate step is to secure our borders.

Q9. What is your position on Common Core?

Alliegro: Scrap it.

Champan: Did not respond.

Cogliano: Common Core should be eliminated. Education that is controlled by local people who know their own community needs is most effective. A one size fits all approach to education controlled by Washington and education bureaucrats is a recipe for disaster.

Shores: I oppose it.  Properly educating our children is a central value of our families and communities. I believe that the task of educating our children, including choosing curriculum and standards, is best left to the states, towns and parents.  We should be teaching our children how to think critically and creatively, not what to think in conformance with methods dictated by folks in an ivory tower in Washington. Teachers should be free to teach courses without the additional heavy administrative burden of complying with numerous federal standards that may not be applicable to the teaching and learning needs in a particular school or community. Unfunded federal mandates (such as in Common Core) also result in unnecessary financial burdens for our schools and communities.

Q10. What is your position on the Keystone Pipeline?

Alliegro: Support it.

Chapman: Did not respond.

Cogliano: Build the Keystone Pipeline.

Shores: I strongly support the keystone pipeline project.  It’s a job creator and helps build energy independence, which are critical to our economic prosperity and national security.    

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  • BrocktonDave

    …sems to have a pretty good grip on the issues, and has some very well thought out solutions to these questions.

    The one question answers are a little annoying from one guy, and the other guy who chose not to participate?!  Really?  Are you soft?

  • Q6. Would you vote to limit the “Food Stamp”, SNAP Program?

    The best way to limit food stamps is to raise the minimum wage.   In this country, it was once possible for a factory worker to live a middle class life (like Archie Bunker).  But now, a low wage worker lives in poverty and needs assistance.   We must raise the minimum wage.

    Q7.  What is your position on bailing out private industry?

    Specific companies should never receive a bailout.    In particular, large banks should not be saved from their own risky investments.   Corporations need to stop asking for handouts from the government.  

    Q8.  What is your position on illegal immigration?

    We can’t have it both ways.   We can’t say that we are a nation of laws, and, at the same time, employ illegal immigrants as farm workers, domestic servants, and factory workers.    A very large number of Americans have conveniently benefited from paying illegal immigrants low wages.    As an example, Mitt Romney employed illegal immigrants to mow his lawn.   We can’t suddenly act shocked and demand that all those people leave.   They are hard workers and they should be given an opportunity to earn their citizenship.

    Q9. What is your position on Common Core?

    The United States needs to succeed in a new world economy in which we compete with China and India.   To successfully compete, our citizens need to have a basic skill level in English and Math.    I support Common Core as a basis as a mechanism to measure increased improvement in educational standards.

    Q10. What is your position on the Keystone Pipeline?

    I am opposed to the Keystone Pipeline.   I don’t see why our country’s communities need to put at risk  by a dangerous pipeline in order to help a bunch of Canadians.    It’s their oil, and bringing it to market is their problem.   Not ours.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    6. Vote to limit food stamps (Snap)

    V3PN: Yes, the food stamp programs  should be geared not to a total calculated need based on income qualifiers, but rather a targeted percentage of the population.  For instance, the bottom 2, 3 or 4 percent ONLY should received the benefits.  Therefore it can be a budgeted amount of the national budget and not subject to increases based on poor Democrat Party economic and financial decisions.

    7. Position on bailing out private industry

    V3PN: We do not bail out industries we bail out companies.  If an entire industry is in trouble then it is a sign of lack of innovation or competitive ability.  If a company is in trouble its competitors should either kill it dead or but it for the assets and market share.

    8. Position on illegal immigration?

    V3PN: How can I be for something that is illegal?  If the question is who strongly would I try and fight illegal immigration the answer would be ‘with the full force of the US government’ as it is not only a threat to our labor, our security, but to our families and very constitution.

    9. Position on common core?

    V3PN: This may surprise you, but I support in a limited way the common core program.  I believe it is in the inherent interest of people to learn not only the important regional programs of education, but also a national scope of education so kids are not subject too the smaller scope of learning.  Wouldn;t it be a shame if kids from San Francisco only learned what their hippy parents thought was important…!!!

    10. Position on Keystone pipeline?

    V3PN: Build, baby build…   The Keystone pipeline is a huge opportunity for both employment of Americans and lowering of energy prices.  it really is a lot more simple than others think..