NH GOP Platform Changes

Came across this on Twitter and thought it was interesting in light of our own party’s platform changes: Thoughts on the NH GOP Platform changes for Saturday’s voting

  • It seems like the NH GOP wishes to drop formally recognizing traditional families – every current mention of such is to be eliminated.
  • Founding Fathers?  Yeah, they’re getting dropped too.  I guess the NH GOP is bowing to the Left’s “dead white men” and trying to distance themselves from our Founding Fathers.
  • Overall all, it seems to have gone mushy in order to be less specific – I guess pastels are more the shade of the times.
  • Some new clauses, draping itself in verbiage that the Republican Party MUST be supported as the only bulwark against the Democrat agenda (er, did anyone tell them about the NH State Senate Republican votes FOR major Democrat agenda items??).
  • They even drag out a clause from the 1860 Platform – I guess they are trying to made a stand against we in the Party that expect them to actually follow the Platform with legislation and votes (“we invite the co-operation of all citizens, however differing on other questions, who substantially agree with us in their affirmance and support.”).

The author of that post provides more commentary on the changes here: Thoughts on the NH GOP Platform changes for Saturday’s voting – thoughts on the actual changes. And there is a redlined Word document with all the changes here: 2014-Platform—Red-Ruled.

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