Mark Fisher fades, Charlie’s the man says GOP base

Well folks the primary is over. The real battle begins. Charlie Baker captured 75% of the vote leaving only 25% for Mark Fisher. Who will the conservatives blame now? Did they stay home betraying Mark Fisher? Has the Tea Party grasped reality yet? How much more delusion will they offer in place of the real issues that capture the center in Massachusetts politics — fiscal sanity and social tolerance and pursuit of a start up economy that benefits all.

What will the Republican Wing of the Republican party do now? Will they stay home and read the same blogs and and tune into the echo chamber of WRKO sustaining their confirmation bias — believing that some day they will prevail in center/left Massachusetts?

Charlie Baker gave a good victory speech. Meanwhile, the audience reaction at Steve Grossman’s place was more than just subdued when he made a pitch for Democratic unity. Martha does not exude confidence.

Charlie’s the man. Mark Fisher should endorse him.

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