Lou Valanzola Seeks Recount in 5th Plymouth Rep Race

Lou Valanzola, who lost the Republican nomination for state representative in the 5th Plymouth District by 26 votes in the primary night tally, is going forward with plans to seek a recount.

Valanzola has until 5 p.m. Thursday to submit his recount petitions to town clerks. There are 13 precincts in the district: six in Rockland, four in Hanover, and three in Norwell. He needs at least 10 signatures of Republican voters – one of them notarized – from each precinct where he is seeking a recount.

Valanzola said he would definitely seek recounts in Rockland and Hanover, communities he won. He will try to request one in Norwell as well, which his opponent Norwell Selectman David DeCoste won.

The primary night count on Tuesday was 1,022 votes for DeCoste to 996 for Valanzola.

If successful in obtaining a recount, under state law, it would have to be completed by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

In my professional opinion, he is wasting time and money.

Given the current technology used in the three towns, there are no ‘hanging chads’ and a discrepancy of 26 votes would imply a level of incompetence on the part of the Norwell, Hanover & Rockland Town Clerks.

The Valanzola’s are shocked that their door-to-door efforts in Hanover yielded such poor results (a meager 52% to 48% margin).  What they did not understand is that Lou is not an especially impressive guy, either in person or on paper.  As one citizen who met him stated, “I thought I was in a lost episode of The Soprano’s when he showed up on his bicycle”.

I am surprised that people in that district bought Lou’s efforts to portray himself as a conservative.  Lou had a C Rating from the NRA and did not even bother to fill out GOAL’s Questionnaire. Ron Kaufman & Matt Sisk as well as other Establishmentarian State Committee members backed Lou.  A well-respected conservative State Committeeman lamented that Lou was too busy chumming up to Charlie.  I understand Diehl, O’Connell & Chanel also endorsed Lou but I am wondering if that had more to do with the fact that Lou’s boy Jared Valanzola is pals with them.  The Marlborough RCC spent $5,065.45 on operatives in order to help Lou and yet he lost.  Wow!

In a way I understand what is happening though.  Lou has been dying for ‘bigshot’ status for fifteen years.  This was his one opportunity to get it & it’s lost.  Now he is back to trying to pay off his $280K mortgage on a house whose assessed value is $320K.  In addition, he needed to serve three terms as a rep and combine it with his tenure on the Rockland Board of Selectmen in order to qualify for a pension and to get his pension based on his earnings as a representative.

There is good news and bad news with this whole episode. The bad news is that this recount effort delays the effort to unseat Nyman.  The good news is that this is the first time since 2005 that a member of the Valanzola family won Rockland while running as a political candidate.

About Joshua Norman

Joshua Norman is a lifelong resident of Newton and is stepping up to rebuild the Newton Republican City Committee's Ward 4 Ward Committee. He has been a frequent contributor to the Newton TAB since 2013 and has also been quoted by The Boston Globe and the Newton Patch. He is the Vice President and Research Director of the Newton Taxpayers Association and a Newton Co-Captain for End Common Massachusetts. He is currently a candidate for GOP State Committee Man from the First Middlesex & Norfolk District - Newton, Brookline and Wellesley (Pcts. A, C-E, H).