How did U vote?

Are there stats on how the Unenrolled decided to vote? My guess is that lots of U’s were confident enough in Coakley and/or didn’t care if Grossman or Berwick won, that they thought it was more important to defeat the Tea Party guy, and they voted as Republicans. I’d love to see the numbers run on what ballot U’s pulled versus in other years.

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  • OnLooker

    No one expected “tea party guy” to have even slightest chances in hell, and competition in Democratic primary was much stronger. So, most Indies voted in Democratic primary..

  • I haven’t been able to find out. Do they release records of how each unenrolled voter voted? Or at least release the totals? I think a lot of them voted for Baker, the percent of votes seems like a lot of Republican voters this year, to my eye. But I don’t know the historical average.