Has Richard Tisei Been Boycotting RMG?

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The thought occurred to me as I came across a comment on this post concerning the 6th Congressional race: MA 6th CD race upgrade favors Dems.

General election money

We started on Wednesday with $350,000 in general election money. That number has increased. The DCCC has been very helpful with resources and with commitments to raise. The delegation has also been helpful, and one of the first pledges to contribute was from Senator Warren.

These first few days have been pretty busy, but Seth looks forward to engaging the BMG community personally in the coming week.

Scott Ferson

Moulton campaign

If you had been following the opinions of BMG commenters on the primary race between Moulton and Tierney, there was much skepticism of Moulton’s progressive bona fides. BMG was downright hostile territory for Moulton. His win shocked many. To see his campaign reaching out to engage the BMG community made me think of Tisei’s absence on RMG.  What explains it?

Recall that Richard Tisei boycotted the Republican convention.

Richard Tisei, the GOP’s candidate for lieutenant governor four years ago, will boycott the convention because of the socially conservative platform the party adopted.

“I feel as though if I go, I’m giving tacit approval to that platform, and don’t feel comfortable being there,” Tisei said.

If it’s the case that Tisei’s boycott extended to RMG, I would hope that he reconsiders.  The preponderance of Charlie Baker supporters here should put his mind at ease if he is at all concerned about whatever reputation RMG may have had for being socially conservative. It isn’t.  RMG is a platform. It is what one makes of it.  Candidates can freely engage the base and get their message across without it being filtered through the media first. I hope that Richard Tisei can find the time to personally engage the RMG community.  It would be nice to see other candidates do so as well.

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  • Joshua Norman

    put Richard Tisei’s mind at ease if he is at all concerned about whatever reputation RMG may have had for being socially conservative. It isn’t.”

    I think Patrick hit the nail on the head with that quote.

  • The man has been running for big offices for a while now, has he ever posted here?

  • There's a guy running wih an R next to his name in CD 6. Okay. If you want to engage us, we're here. I'm interested in knowing whether there's any republican positions you support, but whatevs, man.

  • “I feel as though if I go, I’m giving tacit approval to that platform, and don’t feel comfortable being there,”

    By that logic, no one who doesn’t agree with 100% of his platform should feel comfortable voting for him as they would be giving tacit approval of issues they “don’t feel comfortable” with.  

    nuff said.

  • R4 After Dark

    I know you guys are busy, so I’ll make this quick.

    Richard Tisei sucks.  He was the only Senate Republican to vote against the tax rollback in 2000, And once scored a 43 with “Citizens for Limited Taxation.” And apparently lowering taxes is Tisei’s strong suit.  It’s like he wants to be a leader in the Republican Party but can’t even show up to the convention … WTF?

    I compare Tisei’s style of leadership versus Seth Moulton’s and there is no comparison.  Seth Moulton was a platoon leader in Iraq for 4 tours shooting and blowing shit up.  And in all that wouldn’t eat until AFTER the guys in his platoon finished eating.  I think this man is the real deal.  

    Seth Moulton went onto BlueMassGroup and said “If I were in Congress today, the first issue I would address would be fixing the VA.”  Not fricken buffer zones, or NRA, or Big Tobacco (Hello Warren Toleman??).  He didn’t snuggle up to Bob and say the environment, or get all LGBTQ with David.  He said the VA.

    Moulton told the tree huggers on BMG

    Fundamentally, our fishermen want to fish. Republicans are always looking for opportunities to reduce regulations, and this is one place where I happen to agree with them. A sustainable fishery requires regulations, but the current regulatory environment is unsustainable for fishermen.


    As you know, I support comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship. But I also think it’s worth spending money on border security – Moulton

    I got all this in 5 minutes from Seth Moulton … 5 minutes.  Try getting this shit out of Tisei …

    You guys should take the Seth Moulton “5 minute Challenge” on BMG => http://bluemassgroup.com/2014/

    You’ll have to take a shower after but it’s worth it.  Otherwise vote for the “R” next to Tisei’s name.  Carry On  

  • At this point, looks like the MA Dems will maintain their lock on Congressional seats.  

    Damn proud of the Democrats in the 6th District for ousting the old and electing the new…can the MA GOP say that?

  • Moulton is a progressive who will not vote much differently than Tierney. He is most certainly a better human being – but we are electing a Congressman.

    There are likely many issues that the typical RMG member will disagree with Tisei on. But he is most certainly a limited government believer.

    Why does he not engage RMG? Most likely it is not in his tactical interest. He is trying to win the election as best he can. The campaign must prioritize his time. It should not be taken as an insult.

    There is an open, winnable seat in Massachusetts. This is an extreme rarity. To not back Tisei makes little sense.