Has Richard Tisei Been Boycotting RMG?

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The thought occurred to me as I came across a comment on this post concerning the 6th Congressional race: MA 6th CD race upgrade favors Dems.

General election money

We started on Wednesday with $350,000 in general election money. That number has increased. The DCCC has been very helpful with resources and with commitments to raise. The delegation has also been helpful, and one of the first pledges to contribute was from Senator Warren.

These first few days have been pretty busy, but Seth looks forward to engaging the BMG community personally in the coming week.

Scott Ferson

Moulton campaign

If you had been following the opinions of BMG commenters on the primary race between Moulton and Tierney, there was much skepticism of Moulton’s progressive bona fides. BMG was downright hostile territory for Moulton. His win shocked many. To see his campaign reaching out to engage the BMG community made me think of Tisei’s absence on RMG.  What explains it?

Recall that Richard Tisei boycotted the Republican convention.

Richard Tisei, the GOP’s candidate for lieutenant governor four years ago, will boycott the convention because of the socially conservative platform the party adopted.

“I feel as though if I go, I’m giving tacit approval to that platform, and don’t feel comfortable being there,” Tisei said.

If it’s the case that Tisei’s boycott extended to RMG, I would hope that he reconsiders.  The preponderance of Charlie Baker supporters here should put his mind at ease if he is at all concerned about whatever reputation RMG may have had for being socially conservative. It isn’t.  RMG is a platform. It is what one makes of it.  Candidates can freely engage the base and get their message across without it being filtered through the media first. I hope that Richard Tisei can find the time to personally engage the RMG community.  It would be nice to see other candidates do so as well.

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