Flash Write in Campaign for Marriage

If you are taking a Republican ballot tomorrow, and are a social conservative, you don’t have to fill in the circle for pro-gay marriage Brian Herr for Senate, or have no one to vote for if you live in Katherine Clark’s Congressional district, or Carl Sciortino’s state Rep district where no one is running to be the Republican candidate.

Write in “John Howard” in those races to defend marriage and the natural family against the transgender/same-sex marriage agenda. I will compassionately end the transgender madness in our schools and government policies by affirming equal natural reproductive rights – as our birth sex, with someone of the other sex. I will stop tax payer funded sex change surgery and fertility services.

Just 200 write-ins is all it takes to put my name on the November ballot to be state representative in Carl Sciortino’s 34th Middlesex District. (I’m not sure how many it takes to be the GOP nominee in Katherine Clark’s district.)

My street address isn’t public, put “for marriage” or “eggandsperm” If you mean some other “John Howard” make sure to write in their address.

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