Epic low turnout expected in both primaries today

Reports are coming in from across the Commonwealth and there is looking like there will be very low turnout across the Commonwealth.  The Boston Globe is reporting that 33,768 people voted in Boston as of 3 PM.  In 2006, the last time there was a seriously contested primary that number ended the day at about 90,000.  Turnout is predicted in Boston to be about 60,000 voters.

It is not just the City of Boston where turnout is light.  At 2 PM in Attleboro only about 4% of their voters had turned out.  

I have been predicting an approximately 70%-30% win for Charlie Baker in the GOP primary tonight.  With the lower than expected turnout, I would not be surprised if that number weren’t closer to 65-35.  

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  • Well personally I think this might be even closer than that. But I could be wrong.

    But what does this say about the lack of enthusiasm for MA-GOP ticket in an off year election, when anti-Obama sentiment in Massachusetts is at an all time high.  Yes, most people still support Obama in this state, sad to say. Nevertheless, the majority is probably smaller than it has ever been.

    I think the low turnout amongst Democrats speak to that issue loud and clear.  But Republicans should be coming on mass. Where is the enthusiasm to vote for folks the MA-GOP establishment has selected?

    Watertown might have a slightly better turnout today because we have a local son… Warren the Uber-Leftist Tolman running for Attorney Genital . And that cuts both ways for Warren. He’ll probably carry the town, but I had unenrolled friends calling me yesterday, who were thinking of pulling a Democrap ballot just to vote against Tolman.  So again, what does that say about their enthusiasm for Charlie Baker.

    Now again, I’m offering these thoughts as analysis and as loyal Republican, who will vote and work for the nominee of my party.  I also say this as someone is went on record opposing having a primary, and someone who bent over backwards, expended personal political Capital, to try to rally my fellow conservatives behind Charlie Baker.  I took Charlie at his word, that he would run a different sort of campaign. I certainly recognize and praise Charlie and Karyn for all the work they’ve done over the past few years for all kinds of Republicans.

    Today I cast my vote for Mark Fisher. Not because I won’t vote for Charlie this November, should he win today, but because a message needs to be sent. Charlie the Big Tent you  talk about must be supported by the center-post of the conservative base. But you don’t even have room for us in the Tent.  You’ve been more concerned with promoting the false premises of the left, regarding the War on Women, that law abiding gun owners are the problem, and that government is the solution and not the problem.

    If you have gone this far to the left in the Primary, Lord only knows how far you’ll go in the General.  

    Look some of Charlie Baker’s positions, but be compromises we may be forced to accept, given the current make up of the Legislature. OK FINE ! I can live with that. We have to govern. But when you start negotiating what is arguably the center-left, with an Uber-Left Wing Legislature…. how far to the left are you going to wind up.

    The Great Ronald Reagan, compromised with Tip O’Neil and the Congressional Democrats to advance as much of his agenda as possible. But he didn’t start by meeting them more than halfway and then negotiate away even more. But that is exactly what Charlie Baker is setting his administration up for.

    Again, I’m a loyal Republican. The odds look like Charlie will carry the day today … but it’s not certain. No matter what I’ll be ardent advocate for the ticket. But I hope Charlie Baker, should he win this Primary, begins to understand, he can’t win this thing, without the base working for him for the next 2 months.

  • I will say this Rob…. and to everyone.. one of the most disturbing things that happens in Republican Primaries in MA, is that campaign supporters act with complete incivility towards those supporting another candidate. Most of the time the candidates a perfect gentleman or gentle ladies in dealing with each others. But the supporters can’t resist ripping the shreds out the opposing candidates and each other.

    This is one of the reasons I opposed a primary to begin with. This sort of thing has been a mass distraction from focusing on down ticket races, and even recruiting candidates for other winnable races. People need to cool their jets and realize the person they’re name-calling is in all likelihood going to be on the same side as them some day, working for a candidate they support as well. And so why then should be destroying relationships with ad-hominem attacks.  I’ve seen this on both sides of this primary… It’s tragic, and I hope we can put this all behind us after the winners are announced tonight.