Ed Markey Fails in First Amendment Repeal Attempt

Yesterday, Ed Markey and his Democratic allies failed in their attempt to pass S.J. 19, a constitutional amendment that would have, in effect, repealed first amendment speech protections.  A vote on ending debate – cloture – failed in the Senate when Markey was unable to get 42 votes for his legislation.  

S.J. 19 was seen as a response to the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United.  It would make all political speech subject to the regulatory powers of the state.  SNL skits? as Ted Cruz showed, those could be illegal under this amendment.

The First Amendment protection on speech wasn’t put into the constitution so that a pornorgraphy company could sell a tape of Kim Kardashian having sex.  The First Amendment is there to protect political speech, plain and simple.  

The fact that just about every Democratic Senator signed on as a cosponsor of this legislation should scare every single American.

Ed Markey should be ashamed.

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