Don’t Believe the Lies about Baker on Taxes

baker mailer lowerBaker supporters would have you believe that it’s ok that Charlie isn’t with us on much of everything because he shines on the fiscal side of things.  The Baker Herald says as much in its meager endorsement of Baker released today.

Baker has been clear about his opposition to automatic increases in the gas tax and to tax hikes in general.

The Baker campaign also sent out a reminder in the form of a mailer which right at the top states that Charlie will lower the sales tax. What bold language! Too bad such bold language has been entirely absent from Charlie Baker thus far.

As far back as September, Baker was setting the record straight.

He said he will no longer push to cut the income, sales and corporate tax rates back to 5 percent, which was a central plank of his platform in 2010, when he traveled the state calling himself, a “five, five, and five guy.”

He’s nice, he’s affable, and he also doesn’t want to be bogged down by any tax pledges.

During his 2010 gubernatorial campaign Baker signed a no-new-taxes pledge, but this time around Baker said he doesn’t want to be bogged down by that type of pledge.

Read Charlie’s most recent take on the sales tax.

Baker, being the moderate that he is, said through a spokesman that he would consider rolling back the sales tax if Congress passes a law that would allow states to collect taxes on Internet purchases. Lawmakers in D.C. are expected to revisit that issue later this year. It could mean an additional $400 million in annual tax revenue for Massachusetts.

Does that sound bold to you like the mailer? What happened to will lower? This is the real Charlie. He will consider lowering the sales tax, but only if Congress passes an Internet sales tax.  At the end of the day what we have is a candidate who is not even good on the one thing that is supposed to be his saving grace.

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