Deval Patrick: Presidential Run ‘On The Radar’

Remember all those times the chattering class told you, “you’re crazy, Deval Patrick doesn’t want to run for President. He wants to make money in the private sector.”  Well you were right to think he was gearing up for a presidential run.  He even told WCVB Channel 5 Boston that he has it on his “radar”.

“There are a lot of people who have asked me to think about it,” said Patrick during a taping of WCVB-TV’s political show OTR. “I’m under no illusions. It’s a huge decision, not just for me but for my family.”

“Maybe, but not right away,” said Patrick when pressed on his intentions. “On The Record” airs Sunday on WCVB-TV at 11 a.m.

Patrick acknowledged criticism of his eight years in office from the three Democratic candidates hoping to succeed him during a live debate aired on WCVB on Wednesday.

But as if he’s preparing for a possible presidential run, Patrick was quick to list what he considers to be his political legacy.

“Look there are always challenges,” said Patrick. “I will say that after having managed the commonwealth through the worst economic downturn in living history and through a terrorist attack, being first in the nation in education, health care coverage and veterans’ services and clean tech and so forth, that’s a pretty good management record.”

File under, no means yes.

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