Campaign finance reports up

The pre-primary campaign finance reports, generated by an unconstitutional attack on free speech, are up.  The best way to view them is at the Legislative Race Tracker at OCPF.

I will have a more detailed post on this tomorrow.  But for now here are some takeaways.  

The Ryan Fattman (R-Webster) vs. Dick Moore (D-Uxbridge) race is going to be the most expensive legislative race in the state.  Fattman has over $116K on hand while Moore has over over $176k on hand.  Moore’s report is the definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  It is full of non voter contact iitems.  Ryan is being a good steward of his donor’s money.

The representative race that is looking to be the most expensive is Brad Wyatt (R-Boylston) vs. Hank Naughton (D-Clinton).  In that race Wyatt has about double Naughton’s cash on hand, and Naughton got hurt hard by his Attorney General race dalliance.  Of the $100,000 he spent this year less than $2,500 was on voter contact  materials for his State Representative race.

Oh and the weirdest donation goes to Diana Dizoglio (D-Methuen) who has listed a Charles Koch, CEO Koch Industries, at a “Newton, MA” address.  Koch lives in Witchita Kansas.  That’s an interesting donation there. Update: It appears the beloved leader of Boston Beer is also named Charles J. (Jim) Koch.  Diana most probably has Kathy Reinstein to thank for this donation.

Take a look at the reports, tell us what you think.

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