But what will she speak for them?

“We are going to speak for people that he maybe doesn’t even know are here in Massachusetts,” such as women struggling to find work and take care of their families, immigrants, and gays and lesbians, Coakley said at the breakfast. “All of those people who often don’t have a voice, I’ve spoken for and I will speak for as governor.”

So, regardless of whether or not Coakley is ignorant that Baker’s brother and his running mate in 2010 are both gay, the question to be asked is what will she say when she speaks for them? Will she say that gays and lesbians have a right to create children together, using sperm and egg either purchased from sperm banks or created from stem cells to allow both partners to be the biological parents? Will she say that children should be taught in public schools that they have an equal right to be mothers as they do to be fathers, and that their bodies might not be their true sex? Will she say that transgender people should have access to free sex change surgery and fertility services to help them have children as their new gender?

Baker surely knows gays and lesbians are here in Massachusetts, but Coakley is claiming she’ll be the stronger voice on their behalf. The question is, does she think that means going way overboard and supporting radical postgenderism and transgenderism?  

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