Boston Media Consortium Stiffs Republicans on Debate

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On Wednesday evening, the Boston Media Consortium held a televised debate amongst the the Democratic candidates for governor. This was moderated by Andy Hiller and Janet Wu and aired live on channels 5 and 7. At the beginning of the debate something was said by the moderators that I heard, but because of what was said, thought that I must have misheard.  I’ve been waiting all day for the video of the debate to be posted so I could double check what was said.  You can watch yourself, it begins at the 1:30 mark:…

Andy Hiller: Good evening and welcome to the 7 News Studios and the debate for governor.

Janet Wu: Tonight’s debate is sponsored by the Boston Media Consortium, made up of WHDH TV, WCVB TV, WBUR, and Bloomberg Radio.

Andy Hiller: It will feature the Democratic candidates only. Neither Republican candidate, Charlie Baker or Mark Fisher, accepted our invitation to debate here tonight.

Janet Wu: Now let’s meet our candidates…

In my personal opinion, it was an epic fail on the part of our candidates, Charlie Baker and Mark Fisher, to decline this invitation to a fair and open debate. I look forward to hearing from others their thoughts on this open and fair debate that our candidates, Charlie Baker and Mark Fisher, declined.

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