Bending to pressure, Facebook and Yelp flee from ALEC

The American Legislative Exchange Council is facing the heat. Left-wing alarmists are feeling their oats forcing Silicon Valley to defund and cut ties to the much-maligned free-market group. Demonization is paying off— right out of the Alinsky playbook.

This is a trying time for libertarians who might have to enter the world of realpolitick. In other words it may be time to go after corporate welfare cronies and the sweetheart immigration deals favored by Mark Zuckerberg and Company.  Then again,  the Googles and the Facebooks need cheap energy to fuel their over-valued enterprises along with the cheaper labor. The offsets they plug will never hide their hypocrisy.

They’ll regret the day they left free market principles behind.

Let them wallow when the Left turns on them.

By the way do you know that Google kills birds?



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