Why All Republican Candidates (and you) Should Vote Mark Fisher on Tuesday 9/9/14

(A differing opinion on the 9/9/14 Primary. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Why All 2104 Republican Candidates (and you)  Should Vote For Mark Fisher On 9/9/14

As we learned with Scott Brown’s special election in 2010, there is a very large, untapped group of people who will come out and vote – but only when offered a candidate who staunchly opposes the left. Scott Brown’s message of “41, the 41st vote against  Obamacare” resonated throughout Massachusetts and attracted people to the polls – many of whom did not usually vote.

We also learned with Scott Brown’s re-election bid, that most of those who rallied around the message of opposition will simply stay home when a candidate’s message is that of being a moderate – even with name recognition and lots of money – it’s simply the fact.

The threat of: “But if you don’t vote for the moderate R, another Democrat will win” is quite simply not enough to inspire most conservatives to get out and vote. Simply being a bit better than the Democrat does not cut it and will not get them out to vote. This has a negetive impact on all Republicans that make it through the Primary and the Republican Party as a whole.

With that said, with a Mark Fisher Primary win on Tuesday 9/9/14, ALL Republicans who make it through the Primary will benefit. So too will the Republican Party benefit. Mark Fisher will keep in play many of those who voted in Scott Brown’s special election but stayed home for his re-election. This will benefit all Republicans on the ballot. In addition to those “Scott Brown special election voters,” you can expect the pro-life voters to show up at the ballot box again too, and entirely new groups of voters to show up as well, including: those who supported the Justina Pelletier family; those opposed to the $2 Billion taxpayers are forking over to support illegal immigration here in MA; gun owners; and anti-Common Core folks.

With a Mark Fisher loss on 9/9/14, you can expect the life voters mentioned above to not vote Republican at all, but vote for Independent pro-life candidate Dr. Scott Lively in the General Election in November.

You can expect other right-leaning unenrolled voters to also not vote Republican, as they may see more of a difference with one of the other independent candidates than the Republican.

But the biggest reason to vote for Mark Fisher in the Primary on 9/9/14 is that without him on the ballot, people in the following groups will simply stay home again for the General Election in November:

– Tea Partiers

– Second Amendment supporters

– Those opposed to illegal immigration

– Justina Pellietier family supporters

– Common Core opponents

– Liberty Caucus folks

– Life and Family folks

– Those opposed to casinos

– Those opposed to government mandated minimum wage increases

– Those who see no difference between Charlie & everyone else

With a Mark Fisher Primary win on 9/9/14:

ALL OF THOSE POTENTIAL VOTERS ARE STILL IN PLAY AND ARE MOST LIKELY TO VOTE REPUBLICAN. This will benefit all other Republican candidates and the Republican Party.

The pro-gun control voters, the  pro-abortion voters, the gay marriage voters, the pro-Common Core voters, the pro-minimum wage increasers, and the climate-change hysteria voters that Charlie seems to be courting, WILL ALL VOTE DEMOCRAT again like they always do! This will hurt the chances of Republican candidates and the Party.

Let’s get those who have proven that they will stay home on Election Day an actual reason to get out and vote in November and vote Republican again – like they did in Scott Brown’s Special, by voting for Mark Fisher on Tuesday, 9/9/14.



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