Time for a new Market Basket protest….

Will this walkout ever end?  Hopefully not!  I would like to see the whole thing go down in a fiery crash into bankruptcy.  Now that would make my day…!

Rumors abound that Arthur T Demoulas is closing in on a deal to buy the controlling position of Market Basket (MB).  A move that would, in effect, place him back in the driver’s seat.  No doubt the many workers of Market Basket (MB) would enjoy since it would bring them back to work.

Or would it?

Nothing is ever quite so easy as it seems.  Market Basket has suffered a serious blow – self inflicted as such.  With 71 stores and approximately 4 billion dollars in yearly revenue the 2 month long worker stoppage would result in approximately $667 million of lost sales.  Even if tomorrow the sale were announced the workers would not be able to get the stores back on line and in full sales mode for many more days.  In total the worker stoppage could produce a loss of $1 billion in sales or 1/4 of the total revenue for the year.  Holy crap!

Of course things will be slow to get back to normal.  The vendors that have for years provided Market Basket with product have suffered serious harm as well – not something the selfish MB workers considered when they walked out of their jobs.  Oh yeah, did I mention that Deval Patrick made sure the lazy layabouts got put on unemployment compensation for their walkout?  Yes he did!  

Anyway, many of those vendors had to move on due to the fact that they produced goods for MB that they then had to sell elsewhere under different conditions.  The vendors lost money, and lots of it.

And how about customers?  Well it seems they went to Shaws and Hannafords, and Donelons, and Roche Bros, and Stop and Shop and wherever else they could go to get groceries.  They didn’t stop eating, that is for sure.  Many of the customers got used to buying goods elsewhere – I did!  I started shopping at Shaw’s in Groton.  The employees are nice and polite and they aren’t outside marching around with signs complaining that their BFF is no longer CEO.  They are doing their jobs and providing for their families, and being responsible and brave and doing the right thing.  Sure, MB employees have the right to do what they did, and customers have the right to shop elsewhere and maybe not come back.

There is an important lesson to be learned by MB workers – companies do not guarantee your job – the customer guarantees your job.  Management comes and goes, but the customers always have to be there.  When workers place the importance of their boss above that of their customer then they have made a fatal mistake.  I personally don’t give a damn whether Arthur T or Arthur S or Arthur X, Y or Z is the freakin boss, I just want a supermarket that gives good service at good prices.  MB workers dropped the ball and have now allowed all the other supermarkets to get back in the game.  

I probably won’t shop at Market Basket again.  it is going to be hard for me to look those lazy bastards in the face knowing full well that they caused all this negative commotion.  They stopped working simply because of selfish behavior and laziness.  

Many workers won’t be brought back – I hope they realize that as well.  If MB loses a billion dollars in sales someone has to get cut from the payroll – that is for sure!  It won’t be the bosses that stayed on and kept things going – it will be the sheepish dolt that followed everyone else out to the parking lot and picked up a sign and marched around in his pajamas for two months.  But, that is okay because he/she will get to march around for a while longer except this time in the unemployment lines…

My anger is not solely due to inconvenience caused to me by the work stoppage – it is because we live in this make believe world where workers somehow get to chose who runs the company.  MB is not a democracy.  MB is a private company owned by real people who have invested real money into the long term success of the organization.  If Arthur T is stupid enough to buy back a controlling share of a company where employees feel empowered to bring the whole thing to a stop because they don’t like who sits in what office – well that is his money and as they say – A fool and his money…….’ Well, you get my drift.  I wouldn’t buy it back…And I wouldn’t invest in it.  And I won’t shop there.  Somehow I know I won’t be alone…

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