The Boston Globe Endorses Charlie Baker

What an endorsement! I dare any Republican to question the soundness of the Globe’s reasoning.

Always a supporter of abortion rights and gay marriage, Baker now takes pains to draw attention to his moderation on social issues. He’s not promising any big cuts, either to taxes or the budget. Times have changed, he says, and the state’s not bleeding money the way it was in 2010.

Baker offers nothing like a competing vision, only a nuts-and-bolts fix to the bureaucratic machine.

If you are still left with lingering doubts about who to vote for on September 9th, dispel them henceforth!

Mark Fisher doesn’t lack for vision, but it’s one that’s familiar to those who’ve followed the national GOP. He’s a fierce believer in unfettered enterprise and wants a much smaller government. He is personally opposed to abortion rights and gay marriage but wouldn’t seek to make them illegal. He hopes to roll back gun control, which would be a terrible mistake. He would take further steps to ensure that illegal immigrants aren’t receiving state benefits, which is OK in theory but overstates the problem: Illegal immigration isn’t a big drain on the state budget, and harping on the issue only perpetuates xenophobic anger. Fisher is on far firmer ground when he talks about removing obstacles to entrepreneurship.

Not only should you not vote for this gun-toting xenophobic anti-abortion religious zealot on September 9th, we need to figure out how, if possible, to expel him and his kind from the party. And if that’s not possible then certainly a rule change is in order.

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