Petition to Congress

Members of Congress,

Our country needs a federal law that preserves human equality and natural reproduction rights and prohibits creation of people by any means other than joining a sperm of a man and an egg of a woman. The law is needed to prevent human reproduction from becoming a commercial industry and preserve the right to reproduce naturally with our own unmodified genes, together with our spouse.

This does create a difference of rights between a man and a woman in marriage and a same-sex couple (and also a transgender person), but does nothing to change the reality that same-sex couples cannot reproduce offspring, it only brings it under purview of Congress to prevent a state from having lax regulations and allowing labs to do unethical experiments that exploit the desires of same-sex couples to produce genetic offspring together. There is no such right to do so and this would stop people from being confused about their futures in that regard, particularly transgender people and parents of transgender children.

Also the law should codify the historic sine non qua effect of marriage as legal approval and right to procreate offspring together, so that no state can prohibit a couple from using their own genes and having natural offspring together. This would have the immediate effect of voiding all same-sex marriages in every state, but it has to be done now that same-sex reproduction has been banned, in order to continue to provide the effect of marriage on hetero couples who would retain and affirm their right to reproduction.

States could offer legal protections to same-sex couples as long as they do not give the rights of marriage, and Congress could give benefits to such state recognized relationships as it sees fit.

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