MassFiscal Highlights Voting Records of Incumbents

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance seem to be busy this August. You can see what they’ve been doing over at the Office of Campaign and Political Finance. Many of these reports have been filed without needing to by law as they are before the 90 day general election window.  Earlier this summer they inserted their Legislative Scorecard into many local newspapers. Here is a copy of that insert, listing all 200 lawmakers, 3 key votes and a score based off their online scorecard.

More recently, they have been sending mail and it looks like a lot of it. looks like their mail is going into 20 legislative districts and are considered “electioneering communication” (EC) which is educational as opposed to what Super PACs do which are “independent expenditures (IE).” ECs typically refer to a lawmakers voting record and many have a call to action, as does Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance’s. The only real reason the word “electioneering” or “election” is mentioned is because of its proximity to an election (90 days to an election). You can go to the Mass Fiscal website and download a copy of one of their mailers. They have a detailed explanation for their 4 votes.  

Their mail piece is good, right to the point and unfortunately for the lawmakers who are receiving them, it’s focused on their voting record on those 4 key votes. Paul Craney, the group’s executive director, told me they sent it out via Every Door Direct Mail, which means everyone in the district got one, including non-voters and businesses.

While I am no longer as involved in the printing businesses as I used to be the paper engineer in me is to see this amount of mail going out and advocating for the issues many of us care about.

It should be interesting to see what they do next.

Disclosure: In 2012 I designed a series of mailers for MassFiscal.  I have not been involved in any of the mailer design this year.

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