MA health connector – $254 million and counting…. 90 days to deadline..

(Remember the original Romneycare site cost approximately $5 million total to build and maintain. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Friday’s Boston Herald has a story of how the MA health connector system needs another $80 million to get up and running and problems are still being discovered such as broken ‘Out of pocket calculations’ and errant messages about financial assistance.  So I ask you – Who thinks this thing will be ready by mid November?  

November 15th is the deadline for applying for coverage under the state system.  With as many as 450,000 people to get enrolled that would mean getting 5,000 people a day enrolled if it were up and running starting today.  it is not yet running and every day it isn’t is one more day closer to the deadline…

State Obamacare czar Maydad Cohen said there is enough time to fix any problems with the site, which features a “single front door, one place for everybody to use” as they shop for insurance or enroll in MassHealth.

The state still has to reach between 400,000 and 450,000 consumers in temporary or legacy coverage programs before Nov. 15, however, so that they’ll know that they have to take action to maintain their coverage, said Jason Lefferts, a Health Connector spokesman.

Mind you, the deadline for applying/reapplying is November 15th.  Those of us who applied before and never heard back from the health connector have been promised coverage until December 31st…  Whether the system is up and running or not…

I think there is no way the problems can get fixed by November 15th and perhaps the Democrats are going to announce further extensions to temporary coverage to push this past the mid term elections.  Think about it – if 400,000 people try and get onto the system and find out it doesn’t work – the Dems are screwed in the midterms.  I think they will try and use an extension to push past the November 15 deadline…

The state will have spent in excess of a quarter billion dollars to replace a system that was working reasonably well.  How can that be justified?  How can any Democrat say there is even a smidgeon of success in this process?  Of course, this is just the story of one state, and a state that was already using a similar system.  How much will it cost to implement an Obamacare system in a state where they are starting from scratch?

For no other reason everyone in Massachusetts ought to vote Republican right down the ballot.  Also, Chalrie Baker – you can still make this a much more interesting campaign if you get up and say ‘Let’s go back to Romenycare!”.  

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  • Timing in politics is everything and the Democrats have been masters of keeping ahead of the clock.

    I think we will be astonished at the flood of disasters still in store for us. But the dikes will break only after the first week in November.

  • Joshua Norman

    Here is how Mark Fisher seeks to reform healthcare, without resorting to big government technocratic tinkering like RomneyCare and ObamneyCare.

  • Here is a guy who admits to making more than $100,000 in family income and should take some personal pride and personally responsibility of going to a MA private health insurance exchange and buying private health insurance for his family.  

    But instead of doing the right thing, he’s working the system and getting free health insurance from the very program he despises.  V3PN will bloviate all kinds of reasons why he is ENTITLED to get free health insurance.  But at the end of the day, he is that exact same kind of person he regularly degrades for accepting welfare, even though he clearly can afford to buy private health insurance.  

  • BrocktonDave


    Every democrat politician could go to the voters one by one, punch you square in the snot locker, have his/her way with your wife and daughter, and the vote would not change.

    Voters here have got to be the stupidest on the planet, on both sides.

  • Sandra

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