D’Arcangelo Asks and Galvin Stonewalls

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The Certified Mail receipts keep piling up.

The Secretary of State, who is the Cheif Information Officer for the Commowealth and the Custodian of Public Records, is not responding to my requests for Public Records, debates and/or anything else for that matter.

This is outrageous and our Commonwealth deserves better, taxpayers expect more and the voters are fed up.

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Just got word from USPS that our Certified Letter, which asks him to debate, was sent to Bill Galvin’s Campaign Headquarters and came back as “No Authorized Recipient Available.”

This is the practice of the sitting Secretary of State who is the Chief Information Officer and Custodian of Records for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Remember, this is separate from my Public Records requests, which has gone unanswered for 104 days and counting.  

Don’t just believe me, look at the facts.  Under Bill Galvin’s watch, Massachusetts got an “F” from the NFOIC  http://www.nfoic.org/states-fa… for transparency in government and Bill Galvin got sued by the US Justice Department for failing to report information.  http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/…  Clearly his stonewalling tactics are a pattern of behavior.

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