Brian Herr Attends Carolyn Dykema’s Annual BBQ for Seniors

Brian Herr recently attended Carolyn Dykema’s event.  What precisely is the putative Republican nominee for U.S. Senate doing at Democrat State Representative Carolyn Dykema’s event?  Shouldn’t he be attending events on behalf of Republican State Rep Candidate Patricia “Trish” Vanaria (R-8th Middlesex), especially since she’s from Hopkinton as is he?  This is a fair question to ask, and I am asking it!…

Considering that Brian Herr supports abortion, gay marriage, gun control, amnesty for illegal aliens, socialized health care and refused to sign the No New Taxes pledge, one can conclude that there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between him and Markey.  As such, I will be voting for Frank Addivinola as a write-in in the U.S. Senate primary on September 9.

About Joshua Norman

Joshua Norman is a lifelong resident of Newton and is stepping up to rebuild the Newton Republican City Committee's Ward 4 Ward Committee. He has been a frequent contributor to the Newton TAB since 2013 and has also been quoted by The Boston Globe and the Newton Patch. He is the Vice President and Research Director of the Newton Taxpayers Association and a Newton Co-Captain for End Common Massachusetts. He is currently a candidate for GOP State Committee Man from the First Middlesex & Norfolk District - Newton, Brookline and Wellesley (Pcts. A, C-E, H).