America… Rise From Your Slumber…. The Enemy Draws Near!

America…  Rise from your slumber…. 
Please put down your cellphones.  Lift your eyes from your computer screens.  Turn away from the cameras… if just for a moment.  Listen to the sounds that stir around you… and open your eyes to the destruction quickly engulfing us and our loved ones.
I want you to remember America…. Think about America…  For what it once was…  what is has now become… and what it could once again be…. If we only awoke!
America… It is time to Arise.

Our hypnotic state is ending.  Our world is disintegrating.  A pestilence has come upon our house.
Oh my Beloved Country… what has happened to thee? Our elected guardians have exploited the trust we bestowed upon them.  Our innocence is gone, our wealth stolen and we no longer share the values that once made us so great.  We have sacrificed the light for the darkness… the truth for convenient lies… and the future of our children, for our gratifications today.  Oh once proud, noble country… we are now controlled by corruption… and governed by a den of thieves.
We were put under a spell by the sweet sounds of their praise, elevated to a super power status, becoming drunk with our own perceived greatness, beauty and invincibility.  And while we were lulled into our slumber, being enamored with false promises and words that soothed our aching conscious, we lost sight of what was real… and who we really are.
And then we fell asleep.
And at the sight of our weakness in our sleep, the demons outside our doors decided to move upon our lands, destroy our families and bring war upon our children.
And while we were sleeping… our leaders, whom we elected, continued to sell off our innocence and destroyed the foundations from which we arose.  We became a godless and directionless country that represents nothing… anymore.
And while we dreamed… our countrymen were more interested in “Ice Bucket Challenges” than the suffering of Christian martyrs or the wholesale annihilations of a people who had withstood a thousand years of persecution before.  Our vanity consumed us… and we no longer became aware of the suffering of the friends and neighbors whom we passed on the streets every day.  Our individual worlds had shrunk down to just us as individuals… and our selfies took precedence over the selflessness we all once showed.
And while we were dreaming… our dreams became real nightmares.   Plagues began to destroy our homes… fires burned our crops and forests… droughts brought thirst upon our lands.  Our oceans died and our families crumbled. The Tree of Hope we planted… withered in the sun.  And now the enemy stands by our bedside… ready to inflict harm and pain.
Arise My Beloved Country… It is time to rise.
For Such a Time As This…  Is Why We Are All Here!
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