2014 State Senate Races

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The last time Republicans gained a seat in the Massachusetts Senate was during a special election in March 2004 when Scott Brown won the seat vacated by the resignation of Senator Cheryl Jacques. Is this November the time we see the decade of decay reversed and Republicans starting to build themselves into a meaningful force in the Senate again, or are we doomed to be disappointed again?

Some disappointment is inevitable. There are Republican candidates on the ballot in only half of the Senate districts (not counting Mr. Bastien’s write-in campaign in the Worcester & Middlesex District or any similar campaigns). But nobody is seriously thinking about majority control or even a veto-sustaining minority yet. I’d just like to see a gain of a seat or two.

I’ve got some ideas about the most likely seats, but I’m curious about how others see it. What do you think? Which three or four state senate seats give Republicans their best shot and why?

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