Release: Common Core Forum (CCF) Declares Victory over Imploding PARCC Exam

Citizen Group instrumental in putting brakes on new high stakes test for students

WORCESTER, MA – Massachusetts parents, activists and former educators have formed Common Core Forum (CCF) – an organization dedicated to informing Moms and Dads and other stakeholders about the proposed PARCC exam and related Common Core State Standards.  

In a few short months, CCF has worked to educate local officials and parents about the serious drawbacks of PARCC and the results are astounding. To-date, over 60% of all Massachusetts Public School Districts have opted to delay, defer or reject the new high stakes exam touted by both the Patrick and Obama Administrations, making it’s future implementation highly questionable.

After a closer review of the state’s 408 school districts, a whopping 66% have either remained undecided, or have chosen to remain with MCAS as of the June 30, 2014 early decision deadline.  (Source: Massachusetts Department of elementary and Secondary Education)

Donna Colorio, founder of the Common Core Forum, and former Worcester School Committee member states, “CCF believes in high academic standards and maximum parental input. PARCC removes local decision making authority due in part to the test being privately copyrighted. Our members strongly believe implementing PARCC and Common Core will lower student achievement and threaten the considerable gains Massachusetts has made with Ed Reform.”

Colorio notes that Common Core Forum will now push ahead with rallying support for new legislation designed to expose the flawed PARCC/Common Core initiative.

Starting in 2015, CCF calls for both (D) and (R) sponsors at the State House to support a new Let’s Stay #1 Legislative Package:

• CCF endorses new “opt out” legislation empowering MA Moms / Dads to remove their district children from an inferior and duplicative high stakes exam (PARCC) which is not internationally benchmarked nor supported by our leading teacher unions.

•CCF endorses new “snuff out” legislation immediately halting the unnecessary Data Collection Process undertaken by Common Core, implemented by PARCC and the MA DESE. This Is an unnecessary intrusion that violates parental rights and family privacy.

•CCF endorses filing new “time out” legislation placing a two-year moratorium on PARCC implementation for Massachusetts until further independent review is completed.  CCF favors staying with the MCAS exam and a return to the pre-2010 MA Curriculum Frameworks WHICH are academically superior to Common Core.

•CCF calls for the re-introduction of a “de-funding Common Core” bill for Massachusetts. The President’s so-called “Race to the Top” initiative should be replaced with “A Race to Localize” emphasis for successful public education states like Massachusetts. (See Rep. Jim Lyons 2013-2014 Bill)

•CCF supports a new “cost/ benefit analysis” requirement calculating the unfunded mandate, price tag placed on the Commonwealth’s 351 city/towns. These are public tax dollars not spent on Special Education, professional development or vocational education. (See Rep. Keiko Orrall’s 2013-2014 Bill)

The Common Core Forum is a statewide all-volunteer, non-partisan group that does not accept donations.


For more information and opportunities to get involved in the Common Core Forum, visit: CCF’s website and related Facebook Page.

CCF is also on Twitter @CommonCoreForum. For an immediate response, contact Donna Colorio at or Dean Cavaretta @DeanCav.

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